Top Derma manufacturing company in India

Derma manufacturing company in India

A. S. Lifesciences:

A Key Rivet to the Initial Steps of Derma Manufacturing Industry in India


Within the complex world of facial care, the new actor on the horizon mastering the Derma manufacturing company in India is A. S. Lifesciences. Implementation of quality and innovation is our primary focus resulting to reformation of the skincare industry. Now let us take a look on how A. S. Lifesciences is the best company for derma products.

Why should one choose A. S. Lifesciences?

Quality Assurance: We cultivate efficient manufacture and assemble hi-tech plants that operate on some of the most superior quality norms. Every product that is produced must go through serious tests so that the public can be protected.
Cutting-Edge Formulations: It is a word that merges two concepts as different from each other as science and nature: A. S. Lifesciences. The derma formulations that we use are made from relatively natural and sustainably sourced reagents to give the best outcome.
Our Derma Product Range
1. Skin Rejuvenation Serums
Firm up your skin with new generation advanced serums. They contain necessary antioxidants and hyaluronic acid: they fight early wrinkles and help the skin to stay clear and fresh.

2. Acne Solutions of Derma manufacturing company in India

Say good bye to stubborn acne! It is always advisable to use the specialized formulations that contain salicylic acid and the botanical extracts which give the effective and gentle treatment.

3. Sun Protection Essentials

so apply sunscreen lotion containing SPF to your skin for added protection. These lotions are convenient for daily use, as they feel lightweight and non-greasy.

4. Anti-Aging Creams
Turn back the hands of time with these anti aging creams that solve that classic beauty problem. Retinol, peptides, and collagen are involved in resistance and the removal of fine lines.


A. S. Lifesciences holds a prominent position in India’s derma product manufacturing. Let us pamper you and transform your skincare experience into an unparalleled online beauty service.

Disclaimer: It is always advised to seek the help of a dermatologist when planning to use any new skin treatment products.

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