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This article tells about Derma products manufacturers in India and the benefits of working for this company. – A.S Lifesciences is a reputed cosmetic manufacturing company that specializes in the production of moisturizing lotion and other derma products. They are one of the leading pharma manufacturing companies in India and are known for their high quality products. They also offer various career opportunities to people who want to work in the industry. The company has pan-India presence and is known for its commitment to better business practices. People valued opportunities such as contract manufacturing with A.S Lifesciences gives the company an advantage over other product manufacturers in India.

It provides access to various products like skin care, wash, cleanser, face wash, hair gel and grooming products. Their cosmetic products are prepared with safe ingredients which makes them perfect for use on all skin types. The company also provides their customers with facial cleansers, hand sanitizers and other body care products. They use natural oils and fragrances to make the cosmetics even more effective. Moreover they have aloe vera cosmetics that can help keep the skin hydrated and radiant. It also comes in packs of different sizes which makes it easier to find the right one for your needs. A.S Lifesciences also offers Medicated Creams and other personal care products that are essential for daily hygiene.

Medicated lotion manufacturers in India provide the best moisturizers and exfoliating dead skin cells to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Most of their products contain salicylic acid, body lotions, eye gels creams, and other ingredients that help support the skin’s natural barrier. These products also descale ingredients like psoriasis which say hyaluronic acid significantly reduces redness. They also contain acid ceramides in a proprietary ceramide complex which help to reduce dry skin, as well as say hyaluronic acid that helps reduce cell turnover rates.

Company Name – A.S. Lifesciences

Phone No. – +91-9999912659

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Address – Plot no- 136 , Industrial Estate- Kutana , Rohtak-124001 , Haryana (India).

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