Medicated Cream Manufacturer

A Medicated Cream Manufacturer produces a variety of skin creams, from medicated shaving lotion to facial hair removal creams. They also manufacture brand name products such as Lilac and Epifine Medicated Skin Cream. Their products are sold in small markets, swap meets, and other retail outlets. The Medicated Cream Manufacturer has successfully established their brand in the market by providing quality products that help people care for their skin with ease.

A.S Lifesciences Medicated Cream range is a popular choice for many people who are looking for an effective way to reduce skin reddening and Hurting sunburn. It helps in relieving early symptoms and even prevents age spots from appearing. Their creams are also used to reduce the appearance of freckles, blemishes, and rosacea on the skin. The company is well known for providing quality products that have been proven to be effective and safe for users. With their excellent customer service, they have gained a loyal following among many people who trust their products.

Medicated Cream Manufacturer is a reliable source of quality skincare products. They ensure that their skincare routines are based on the latest information in skin health. From their manufacturing plant, they use only the highest industrial standards to produce their creams and other products. Their filling machine is always updated with the latest technology, ensuring that all products have a long shelf life and offer great skin care benefits. They also regularly conduct skin checks to make sure that customers receive top-notch customer service and can trust the products they buy from them.

Company Name – A.S. Lifesciences

Phone No. – +91-9999912659

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Address – Plot no- 136 , Industrial Estate- Kutana , Rohtak-124001 , Haryana (India).

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