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A.S. Lifesciences is a top leading manufacturer of luliconazole cream. Luliconazole is used to treat different skin infections. We are private label Skin Care and other Cosmetics product manufacturers situated in India. We supply beauty brands with contract manufacturing services.

Product Overview

  • Packaging Size: Tube containing 50 Grams.
  • Treatment: Athlete’s Toes, Jock Itchiness, Including Ringworm
  • Form Type: Cream
  • Manufacturer : A.S. Lifesciences is one of the top leading manufacturer.

Luliconazole is applied to heal skin diseases such as athlete’s toes, jock itchiness, including ringworm. Luliconazole is an azole antifungal that operates by blocking the increase of the fungus. It works by concealed mechanisms; however, it is assumed to include changing the structure of fungi vacuole membranes. It was lately approved by GMP. The main Luliconazole manufacturer is the label Lilac Cream by A.S.Lifesciences. Luliconazole destroys the fungus or yeast or limits its extension. In this article, we compile the information, uses, FAQs, and additional associating with the luliconazole. The strong clinical antifungal movement of luliconazole is expected to be attributable to the mixture of energy in vitro antifungal action. The use of 1% luliconazole cream every day is helpful also in short-term use. Confined luliconazole has a positive security form, with just light-use site effects recorded infrequently.

How to use Luliconazole cream?
Luliconazole cream is applied on the surface to treat an athlete’s skin within the toes, jock itchiness, and ringworm. Prescribed for people 18 years of age and above, particularly the topical remedy of fungal diseases. This medicine is preferred to be used after a doctor’s consultation. The risks of using the luliconazole cream must be considered toward the good result it will give. The medicine is available in the form of a cream, and it is prescribed to use on the skin only. For a better result, it is also considered to read the Information Leaflet of the cover and ask the pharmacist as well.

Apply this cream constantly to get the best result one time a day. Please proceed to use this medicine until the full prescribed product is finished. Discontinuing the medicine too early may help the infection to appear again. Consult the doctor if the situation becomes worst. Luliconazole is also available in the form of lotion for easy application.

Dosage First, wash and dry your hands and fingers before using the cream, then clean and dry the infected region. Use a delicate coat of the medicine to the injured region and the enclosing area of your skin and tenderly rub it in, regularly, once a day. The width of the cream depends on the kind of infection it is. Do not use the luliconazole cream frequently, as guided. Your situation will not heal quicker, and the rate of side effects will grow. Do not get it inside of your eyes, nose, mouth, or any private parts. Wash your hands after using this medicine. For every gram of LILAC Cream, 1% holds 10 mg of luliconazole which helps to heal the infected area better. For luliconazole cream of 50 gm, it will have 50%, which is the most profitable to buy.

Side Effects Skin inflammation may occur if you are allergic to the cream. Several people applying this cream do not have severe side effects. A very serious allergic effect to this cream is exceptional. Nevertheless, receive medical advice directly if you mark any signs of a serious allergic effect, including rashes, itching/inflammation, critical dizziness, difficulty in breathing, redness, etc. This is not an absolute list of likely side effects, there can be other side-effects as well. If you mark other effects not listed above, communicate with your doctor or any pharmacologist.


  • Before using luliconazole, tell your physician or pharmacologist if you are allergic to it or some other azole antifungals. This cream may include stable ingredients, which can affect allergic effects or other difficulties.
  • Before applying, you can discuss your medical history with your doctor or pharmacist.
  •  Before possessing an operation, inform your doctor or dentist regarding all the medicine you use.
  • Throughout pregnancy, luliconazole cream should be used only if required. Review the prospects beforehand. It is not yet known if this cream reaches breast milk. Negotiate with your doctor before breastfeeding.
Luliconazole Cream Manufacturer & Supplier in India

The cream can be combined with specific foods. In unusual circumstances, this may be dangerous, and your physician may recommend that you avoid specific foods. In this case of luliconazole, there are no specific meals that you need to eliminate from your menu when taking this medicine but remember not to swallow the cream as it might be harmful to your body.

Disposal of the cream
Store luliconazole cream in the box it arrived in, tightly closed, out of the range of kids. Put it at room temperature and apart from the sun, excess temperature, and moisture. Medicines should be disposed of in special ways to guarantee that pets, kids, and other people cannot consume them. Nevertheless, you should never flush this cream under the toilet. Instead, the best way to get rid of the package is to talk to your pharmacologist or reach your neighbourhood garbage/recycling unit to learn about take-back businesses in your area. Do not allow anyone else to apply your cream. Ask your pharmacologist any issues you have regarding refilling your medicine. You require to have a written record of all of the medicines you take, as well as your nutrition supplements. You should take this record with you every time you revisit a doctor or if you are admitted to a clinic. It is additionally a piece of important information to take with you in the event of emergencies.

Keep it away from pets, kids, and other people to make sure they cannot consume it.

Luliconazole cream manufacturer in India- who GMP verified third party manufacturing The top leading Luliconazole manufacturer is the label Lilac Cream by A.S.Lifesciences. Luliconazole kills or reduces the growth of the fungus or yeast. The use of 1% luliconazole cream every day is helpful also in short-term use. A.S. Lifesciences is an ISO 9001:2015, WHO:GMP, GLP-certified pharmaceutical company in Haryana offering more than 2000 high-quality medical products.


Before applying Cream, inform your doctor regarding your medical health, including if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant. Tell your doctor about all the medications you take, including supplements.

Use the cream directly near the affected area as your doctor tells you to use it. Use a light layer of cream to the injured skin regions and approximately 1 inch of the healthy skin around 1 time a day for 2 weeks. Wash your hands after you apply the cream

The cream may cause skin reactions in the medication area. Skin irritation may happen. Inform your doctor if you have any skin effects. You can request your pharmacist or doctor for knowledge regarding the cream. Do not use the cream for a situation it was not prescribed for.

Active ingredient: luliconazole Inactive ingredients: benzyl alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene, cetostearyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, medium-chain triglycerides, methylparaben, polysorbate 60, propylene glycol, purified water, sorbitan monostearate. You can easily find Luliconazole cream at the pharmacy near your neighborhood. Also, it’s advised to consult a physician before using this cream and any other medically examined cream for a better experience. So, before applying for the medicine please consult with a doctor or check if you have any allergic reactions.