Amorolfine cream manufacturer and Suppliers

Amorolfine cream manufacturer and Suppliers

Amorolfine Cream: A.S. Lifesciences – Your Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier


Amorolfine cream, a powerful antifungal medication, plays a crucial role in treating fungal infections of the nails. As a Amorolfine cream manufacturer and Suppliers, A.S. Lifesciences ensures top-quality formulations that deliver effective results. Let’s explore the benefits of Amorolfine cream and why A.S. Lifesciences stands out in the industry.

Amorolfine Cream: The Basics

  • Composition: Amorolfine Cream contains 0.25% amorolfine, a potent antifungal agent.
  • Treatment Focus: It targets fungal infections affecting fingernails and toenails.
  • Formulation Type: Amorolfine cream is available in a convenient topical form.

Why Choose A.S. Lifesciences?

  1. Quality Assurance: A.S. Lifesciences prioritizes quality. We use micronized APIs and premium product bases to ensure efficacy.
  2. Diverse Portfolio: With over 150+ derma products, we cater to various skin conditions.
  3. ISO Certification: Our adherence to ISO 9001:2015 standards reflects our commitment to excellence.
  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our manufacturing units follow WHO-GMP guidelines.

How Amorolfine Works:

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Nail Preparation: Trim nails and remove detached or affected parts before applying Amorolfine cream.
  2. Dosage: Apply once a week as prescribed by your physician.
  3. Duration: Treatment may take several months for optimal results.

Benefits of Amorolfine:

Market Availability:

  • Amorolfine is marketed under various names, including Curanail, Loceryl, Locetar, and Odenil.
  • Nail lacquer containing 5% amorolfine hydrochloride is commonly used for onychomycosis.


  • Consult your doctor before using Amorolfine cream.
  • Allergic reactions may occur; seek medical advice promptly.

Remember, healthy nails contribute to overall well-being. Trust A.S. Lifesciences for quality Amorolfine cream that ensures beautiful, infection-free nails! ????????

I’ve crafted this blog post to highlight the significance of Amorolfine cream and A.S. Lifesciences’ role as a trusted manufacturer and supplier. If you need further details or have specific requests, feel free to ask! ????

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